Our Farm Network

  • Northern Roots Nursery, Hyde Park
  • Old School Farm, Hyde Park
  • High Hopes, Johnson
  • Lilly Hill, Johnson
  • Haulin' Hemp, Holland
  • Sunset Lake, Alburgh
  • Family Values, Alburgh
  • Juniper Gardens, South Hero
  • Wilson Herb Farm, Greensboro
  • Longhouse Farm, Richmond
  • Tamarack Valley, Hardwick
  • Green Mt. Releaf, Milton
  • Walker Hill Estates, Williston
  • Pura Vida, Colchester
  • Old Tavern Farm, Worcester
  • Wess River Hemp Company, Cornwall
  • Northeast Hemp Commodities, Middlebury
  • Green Top Farm, Hyde Park

Support Local Agriculture

At Vermont Select we know that supporting local farms is important. We feel that promoting local agriculture and building rural economies are vital components to the future of hemp and cannabis here in Vermont.

Relationships With Real Farmers

Buying local ensures that Vermont Select is supplying the freshest CBD bud possible, by going straight to the source! Buying local gives us a much shorter time between harvest, processing, and nitrogen-sealed canning of our manicured bud or pre-rolled joints. This puts the finest product possible in front of our customers.

Building relationships with local growers is a key aspect of our mission. Local farms hire Vermonters for their workforce. The more business we do with local farms, the stronger our communities become. Our success relies on the success of our farmers. Together we are stronger.

Quality Over Quantity

Buying local expedites the journey of a bud from the plant to the can, allowing us to capture terpene levels at their highest. Industrial scale farming is unable to provide the same level of quality control. Prioritizing quality over quantity helps us to deliver a nitrogen-charged can of artisan grown, terpene rich, smooth-burning CBD bud.

We are growing together with our farms and communities. Our goal is to get the highest quality CBD bud to our customers while creating a positive impact on local agriculture.