Puff Points

Become a member, Puff Points, get 10% back

Become A Member

The process is simple - you can create an account at any time by using the helper found in the bottom right of the page, or by choosing to create an account at check out. Beginning January 2022, this is your all access pass to exclusive Puff Points-only member rewards.

What Is A Puff Point?

When you are a member, you can earn 10% back on every purchase you make with Puff Points. Puff Points can be redeemed through our online store where they are directly converted to cash discounts. You can use them to enjoy exclusive discounts on our entire collection of products. Puff Points never expire.

When you are ready to redeem your Puff Points, click on the dark red bubble icon in the bottom right corner of Vermont Select's online store. There will be a tab that says "Redeem." After confirmation, it will convert your Puff Points to cash and generate a unique code that you can use in checkout on your next purchase.

    Ways To Earn

    Action Puff Points Coupon
     Sign up 200
    Make a purchase 10 for each $1 spent
    Enter birthday 1000
    Follow on Instagram 200
    Share on Instagram 200
    Share on Facebook 200
    Share on Twitter 200
    Leave a product review 500
    Friend referral $5
    Redeem a friend's referral $5


    The program is FREE to join and membership is ongoing until or unless the user requests to be removed or is removed due to abuse of the program. Once opted-in to the program, Puff Points may be earned and accrued for redemption as described above until the user leaves the program. 

    The intent of the program is to provide our loyal customers with a way to buy quality CBD bud, pre-rolls, and concentrate for less. Vermont Select reserves the right to remove any user from the program and zero out their Puff Points balance if Vermont Select determines that the user is abusing the program by buying for resale, attempting to game the program or any other reason at Vermont Select's sole discretion.

    To leave the Puff Points Program, please email us at contact@vermontselect.com. If you leave the rewards program, any unused Puff Points will be voided upon completion of your request.