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Recreational Cannabis

Since November 2022, Vermont Select proudly offers legal, adult-use recreational THC cannabis in the state of Vermont.

Slow-Cured Perfection

Our buds are expertly grown by our team of master horticulturalists. They are bucked and trimmed by hand then hang-dried and slow-cured. Our unique strains are selected for their aroma, flavor, potency, and structure. Lab results of each harvested lot are available on our website.

Product Line

As a licensed adult-use cultivator and manufacturer, Vermont Select is able to create a range of farm-to-finished products. From bulk flower and pre-rolls, to kief, hashish, and live rosin. All extracts are produced from our own lovingly grown plants. Our cannabis concentrates utilize both traditional and modern hash-making techniques. These solvent-less extracts are high in natural terpenes and contain no residuals or additives. Our pure hashish showcases the incredible flavors and aromas of the strains.

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Smooth Smoke

We strive for smooth, clean flavors and irresistible aromas, delivering a blissful smoking experience.

Live Rosin