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Just a couple months ago the sun was warm, the air was cool, the foliage was vibrant, and the top colas were reaching peak stickiness. Or at least they were at Sunset Lake CBD farm fields, a hemp supplier in the Green Mountain State. Year after year, Sunset Lake CBD produces high quality crops, demonstrating their masterful horticulture skills. You’ll recognize their new delicious strains Super Sour Space Candy, Sour Special Sauce, and classics like Lifter. But have you seen their gigantic hemp fields? Follow us, we’re off to learn more about outdoor cultivation and go on a field trip to Sunset Lake CBD’s farm.

Fields Of Green

The land is flat and amongst the huge plants, you can barely see the horizon. It’s just tall colas stretching up to the blue sky for as far as the eye can see. If it weren’t for the bright, colorful signs at the beginning of each row, one could easily get lost in this maze of stinky trees.


“Wow!” We kept saying to ourselves. The fields were so impressive. But let’s get back to business. Harvest was occurring during our visit. There was a full team of field hands chopping the top, largest flowers off the plants. The buds were glistening and sticky. In the sunlight it felt hot and hazy, the smell of so many strains morphing into one grand bouquet of terpenes. The top branches had the most attractive and well-formed buds. They got hand trimmed and were categorized as smoking grade. Harvesters collected the tops and brought them to the trimming station, where trimmers sat and gathered around tables with scissors, manicuring nugs and sorting them into bins. Others were in the field chopping down whole plants to process into full-spectrum CBD oils. Plants were hung on tall nets to dry in cool dark rooms. Fans pushed the humidity out of the room and keep air circulating. Harvesting hemp is tough, physical work. It gave us a deeper appreciation of smoking CBD to know the flowers were so well cared for throughout their life cycle by folks in our local Vermont community.


Be One With Nature

One reason why we love Sunset Lake CBD is that they work with nature, using biological pest control and management. They employ the help of predatory insects, like ladybugs, and organic fertilizers and supplements to bolster plant health. This produces a product that we can trust is aligned with the environment, and does not contain harsh chemicals.

Their multi-generation farm’s cow pasture has seen new life as it’s transitioned to hemp fields. The fields are covered with a layer of dark and fluffy, nutrient rich soil. Clover grows thick and abundant on the walking paths between each row. Birds whiz by and crickets chirp, tree cicadas buzz in the background, all signaling an abundance of biodiversity. You can smell that richness when you crack open a can of Super Sour Space Candy, all of its terpenes preserved. We invite you to try out some of our nitrogen-sealed strains from Sunset Lake CBD, and reminisce fall in New England.


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    Wow, wish I lived in Vermont those are some nice plants

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