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CBD and Parenting: What You Need to Know

CBD and Parenting: What You Need to Know

CBD brings many benefits to the table, avoiding the taboo that typically accompanies canna-culture, introducing some truly beneficial properties into your life. Read about how CBD is helping parents be the best they can be. 

What if we told you that even as an awesome parent, there was a way to taste all the fresh goodness of cannabis and reap all the relaxing, stress-obliterating benefits, without facing judgement? CBD brings these benefits to the table, avoiding the taboo that typically accompanies canna-culture, and introduces some truly beneficial properties into your life.

Just Relax...

CBD and THC are surprisingly similar, while just different enough to provide a completely unique experience. CBD flower contains many of the same relaxing effects as of THC flower, but in a more “safe for work” style. CBD is a great way to help your body and mind actually take the edge off, while remaining completely coherent, aware, and awake; without the intoxicating effects that accompany THC.  Forget about anxiety-based “freakouts,” couch lock, and the munchies; but instead, focus on lower anxiety, reduced inflammation in those achy joints, and an overall positive outlook.

CBD for Moms and Dads

CBD makes for the perfect respite for moms and dads. Imagine finding relaxation and the necessary energy to stay on top of things like planning and facilitating projects with the kids, heading to the grocery store with rugrats in tow (oy vey), or even having the dreaded “talk” with a teenager. CBD is a great way to tell yourself “just relax…you’re doing fine,” before heading into an intense situation. Moms and dads everywhere are finding CBD is helpful aid to their parenting journey.

We were approached by a conservative man in his late 70’s who took CBD for the first time before bed to help him sleep. His reaction: “I had the best night of sleep! I dreamt my son was a baby again and I got to hold him! I haven’t slept that well in as long as I can remember.” If that’s not proof that CBD works wonders even for the elderly, we’re not sure what is.

CBD for Cleaner Living

While smoking is still smoking, CBD is a non-addictive way to satisfy those oral fixations sans-nicotine. Many people are finding a CBD joint helps them to curb their cigarette smoking habits, kicking that nicotine addiction to the curb once and for all, while still satisfying their urges to calm their inner dragon with some tasty smoke. Whatever works, right?

So, smoke a CBD joint, but don’t say goodbye to the rest of your day! Feel good about tackling that to-do list and still having the energy to go out afterward. With hand-selected premium flower, Vermont Select offers descriptions of each strain, how they taste and smell, and which super-chill corner of Vermont they come from. Have a look! 


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    It’s much better for you and surroundings to toke some CBD than smoke cigarettes
    growing up my parents smoked cigs in the house. It’s very dirty

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