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To Bong or Not To Bong?

To Bong or Not To Bong?

At some point in life, you’ve likely come across a crafty comrade with an impressive smoking contraption, but with all the fancy-schmancy ways to puff these days, we believe the good old bong to be one of the best methods to reap the medicinal benefits of CBD flower.

For centuries, bongs have been a staple in the weed connoisseur’s canna-quiver. Said to have originated from the Thai word Baung, waterpipes are used not only to cut down on the harsh qualities of cannabis smoke but also as a way to showcase engineering and resourcefulness, going all the way back to the days when a baung was simply a bamboo shoot with water. You’ve likely come across a crafty comrade with an impressive smoking contraption at some point, and if not, in this new era of cannabis culture the opportunity should eventually present itself.

CBD Through a Bong?

While many people swear by the benefits of a bong, others prefer the classic joint experience. Both will deliver the same calming effects of cannabidiol (CBD), but because of the use of water to cool and smooth the smoke, many prefer a bong over a joint or pipe. If for no other reason, this could simply be due to that satisfying percolation sound commonly heard in the opening to many iconic songs. Whether you prefer to take your daily dose of CBD in the morning noon or night, (or all of the above), bong hits are a great way to go.

Hot or Cold Water?

While many bongs feature built-in ice chambers, a hot topic in contention these days is water temperature. Is it better to puff through hot or cold water? While icy cold water feels great in the back of the throat, hot water is said to percolate better, creating many more bubbles due to lower viscosity. Careful though, as hot water should only be used with glass pipes and never with acrylic or plastic.

Tips for Successful Bong-ing

If a bong is your go-to for puffing pleasure, take note: these complex contraptions require more maintenance than your typical spoon pipe. At Vermont Select, we feel it’s well worth it. Our shop bong is always kept clean and stored dry for sanitary purposes. We find frequent cleanings to be the best way to keep our glass clean and free of any buildup or bacteria. Use a small amount of isopropyl alcohol and some coarse salt. Pour the alcohol into the chamber along with a few teaspoons of coarse salt. The salt acts as an abrasive to scrub any buildup free, and the alcohol cuts right through it. Shake it up, swirl it around, and dump it out. Repeat if desired, otherwise, rinse with clean water and let it dry between uses. Enjoy!

What if You're On the Go?

Okay, we totally agree that bongs aren’t the most practical tool when you’re out and about. That’s why your friends at Vermont Select have you covered. Pick up a pack of premium pre-rolls (say that 10 times fast) featuring a wide variety of hand-selected strains. These cones are jam-packed with fresh Vermont CBD bud from the hard-working hands of our trusted farm partners, and sealed with a micro-dose of liquid nitrogen for the freshest delivery. When you can’t pack the bong, bring some of these along!

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