• CBD and Parenting: What You Need to Know

    CBD brings many benefits to the table, avoiding the taboo that typically accompanies canna-culture, introducing some truly beneficial properties into your life. Read about how CBD is helping parents be the best they can be. 
  • To Bong or Not To Bong?

    At some point in life, you’ve likely come across a crafty comrade with an impressive smoking contraption, but with all the fancy-schmancy ways to puff these days, we believe the good old bong to be one of the best methods to reap the medicinal benefits of CBD flower.
  • A Visit To An Indoor CBD Grow

    This spring we were given a pre-harvest tour of the indoor grow at Northern Roots Nursery. Stepping into the grow facility, we were amazed by the vision of the intensely illuminated green canopies stretching from wall to wall. There is nothing quite like the experience of being in a grow room during the last few days of flower.
  • Terpene Profiles: Terpinolene

    Terpinolene is a very useful and very relaxing fragrance. It is recognized by its strong, fresh, woody, turpentine-like scent. It is commonly found in sativa dominant strains of cannabis.
  • CBD For Winter Sports Recovery

    Skiing and snowboarding can take a physical toll on the body resulting in boot-induced foot pain, achey knees, wipeout bruises, and sore, burning quad muscles. Many athletes are discovering they enjoy the benefits of high-CBD cannabis strains.

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